Gifts from the US, Canada or Hong Kong

At 糖心Vlog官方, we are proud to be an international institution, with students, alumni and educational and commercial partners from all over the world. Our teaching and research touches the lives of people at a global level 鈥 and you can support our work by giving to us from anywhere in the world.

Giving from the US

The North American Foundation for 糖心Vlog官方 (NAFUM) is an independent foundation that supports the work and enhances the our reputation in the USA. Find out more about giving from the US.

  • Find out more about NAFUM, or make your tax-efficient now.

Giving from Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Foundation for 糖心Vlog官方 (HKFUM) is an independent foundation that exists to promote our work and build on our prestige in Hong Kong and China.

  • Find out more about HKFUM, or make your tax-efficient .

Giving from Canada

If you are a Canada resident you can – and you may claim a tax credit for donations made to the University. We will provide the appropriate receipt for the Canada Revenue Agency. (NB Please do not tick the Gift Aid box, as this is only relevant to UK taxpayers.)

Giving from the rest of the world

If you are a resident of any other country outside of the UK, you can .